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We work hard to track down the best seasonal produce; fruit and vegetables from local growers, meat from butchers who care about the welfare of their product from field to shop front, fish from Cornwall which arrives within hours of landing and, wherever possible, we use organic — not because it's trendy but because we believe you really can taste the difference.

Professional pride and commitment to quality won't allow us to pre-cook and reheat food, and we regularly scoff at convenience goods suppliers and their insistance that ready-roasted, vacuum-packed, frozen but ready-in-three-minutes micro-chicken is the way forward. We don't know what the poor old bird did to deserve such abuse but we have our own system which is really quite simple: You order your food, we put it in a pan, then cook it, from raw, until it's ready. Granted, the "old fashioned way" takes time but good things come to those who are willing to wait.

To ensure we are always primed to pinch the English seasons finest produce our menus are ever-changing but the listed samples, highlighting some of the dishes that make regular appearances at the Blue Ball Inn, should give you an idea of our range and prices.

We strongly recommend booking a table in advance to avoid disappointment.

Wine and Beers

We have a varied but sensible wine list which includes bottles from near and far and four local real ales on handpull, alongside the old faithfuls such as Guinness, Carlsberg and Thatchers Gold, and a local "scrumpy" for cider aficionados. Our summer festival—Triscombefest— features an ever-growing number of brews from Somerset, Devon and Cornwall, live music from a handful of outstanding local bands, and quality snacks including the now legendary Triscombew�rst. More details, including the latest pictures, lists and vids can be found here.

Some of our suppliers:
Pyne's of Somerset� Exmoor fish and game� Wing of St. Mawes�
Lubborn Creamery� Bath Soft Cheese co.� James Montgomery�
Thurloxton fruit farm� Severn and Wye Smokery� Pete Huish and Sons�